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Cyber Security

     With the evolution of technological development, technology has turned into the center of business change. It transform business model, enhance productivity, and respond nimbly to competitive threats.  

     While this modern era has opened enormous opportunities to businesses, it also leads to higher risk in data leakage, access in sensitive information, and property damage. As a media solution company, Aeolus understands how critical it is to have a secure online framework. 

We aim to translate the underlying technological illness of a business, into actionable solutions and preventative measurement. Enabling business and users could access the online platform in a safe and fun environment.

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

     How does a business know if their web applications, mobile applications and even networks are safe from hackers? What better person to ask than a hacker themselves?

     VAPT will provide a business an in-depth view from a hackers perspective in order to understand where the hidden paths are. Whether it is the underlying solution, or the implementation itself, VAPT will weed out these possible footholds hackers might use in order to gain access into a system.At Aeolus, our team has extensive experience with clients over a wide range of industries such as finance, banking, manufacturing, and technology. 

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Cyber Attack Simulation

     Much like the objective of penetration testing, at Aeolus we provide realistic and accurate cyber attack simulations. 

     Cyber attacks are not limited to isolated systems or applications and hackers will utilize everything possible. This is why it is crucial for businesses to simulate what a malicious actor can achieve if they are being targeted. 
This insight can be obtained through Red Teaming exercises as well as Phishing Campaigns which Aeolus has extensive experience with. 

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Security Awareness Training

     Understanding and being aware is equally important in the cyber security landscape. In a business setting, it has been proven that humans are the weakest link and is the most exploitable vulnerability in any system.
Employees gaining this awareness is the difference between a deleted spam email and a hacker getting access into your system.
At Aeolus, we provide tailored made workshops and trainings which are both engaging and educational, for businesses to patch their weakest link, the people.

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