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Graphic Design. Logo Design.
Branding Management. Color Management. 

Design is one of the most important factor for all companies. It influences what customers think and feel about the brand. 

In Aeolus, the goal is to provide clients with designs that encapsulate their identity. From graphic design to brand management, Aeolus aims to enhance the values and impression of clients' business.  

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"Design is intelligence made visible" 

Graphic Design

     Design is the communicator between customers and company. A quality design could tell and build the reputation of a company. It attracts and motivated customers. More importantly, graphic designs could connect customers emotionally. 

     In Aeolus, we provides various type and style of graphic designs. Despite the industry or nature of the product or company, we will deliver a satisfied design campaigns. 


     To provide a more efficient solution for our clients, Aeolus also provides typesetting services. Typesetting services included but not limited to Typing & Translate Service, Font Compatibility Check, Page Layout & Formatting, Proofreading of Post DTP Artwork, Press Check, etc.

     With this service, it will minimize the procedures that involves in between. Thus enhancing both accuracy and efficiency for the project. 

Logo Design

     Logo is the main element that builds brand identity. Having an eye-catching logo helps companies establish a strong impression and distinguish from other competitors. 

     In Aeolus, we help companies to design an outstanding and memorable logo. Wether it is a company or blog logo, we ensure to help you build a stronger impression. 

Color Management

     As a media company, Aeolus continue to maintain its high standard on imaging and printing quality to fulfill customers requirement in the market. 

     In specific, with G7 qualified color experts furnish corresponding color management in different design and print area, Aeolus is able to capture the ideal color that customer visioned. Hence, display customers' product and graphic in the most ideal form. 

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