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About Aeolus.

     Aeolus is a media and technology solution agency based in Asia's business hub, Hong Kong since 2021. 

     Aeolus is a team of creative and innovative professional that specialized in different media and technological field. The core mission of Aeolus is to deliver various printed and digital media solution across different industries. Meanwhile, provide supports in the design and technological field. 

     To ensure Aeolus is able to furnish solutions that aligns with clients' company,  every single strategy is uniquely design and aligns with clients' vision.


Redefining the Media Industry

     The main goal of Aeolus Studio is to bring new elements into the media industry and create long-term values for our generation.

     Through providing a wide range of media and technological services, Aeolus aims to expand the horizon of businesses, people and the society, provide them with the access to reach and develop further. 

Image by Simone Hutsch
Image by Tim Durgan

Hong Kong

     The headquarters of Aeolus Studio is located in Hong Kong SAR and partnered with multiple design studio and media company around the world. With such international division, Aeolus participate and accept all kind of projects around the world. 

Image by Martin Adams

Los Angeles

     Los Angeles is another key market of Aeolus Media. As one of the most well-known and modern city in the world, Aeolus aims to share our vision and services to the city. Through working with young talents and different media firms, Aeolus aims to bring and merge different media culture together.

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