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Print & Digital Media

          As a media agency, Print & Digital Media are two main focuses in Aeolus. Having our own in-house printing factory and an extensive partnership network, Aeolus is confident to provide the optimal printing and digital solution to clients. Aeolus will analyze all issues and request, and craft the best solution that optimize the quality and cost. 


Image by Water Journal

Offset & Digital Printing

     Offset Printing is one of the most popular printing technique across a range of different industries. This method is typically used for mass production, such as printing magazines, brochures, packages, etc.

     Digital Printing, on the other hand, is does not requires printing plate. Digital files such as PDFs or desktop publishing files can be sent directly to the digital printing press to print on paper, photo paper, canvas, synthetics and other substrates. In addition, digital printing enables customer to personalize the document content based on interest of individual with no limitation in volume or size. As resulted, establish a flexible cost-effective printing solution for vary markets.

Image by Brandon Romanchuk

Package Printing

      Packaging acts as a communicator between customers and companies, it helps businesses to enhance brand value and differentiate the product from competitors. In specific, Aeolus helps our clients to preserve the form, fit, and function necessary to enhance the overall product design and customer experience. 


     Through merging with the design team, Aeolus are also able to showcase the brand reputation by unique designs. Essentially, present client's products in an attracting and unique form. 

Image by Christopher Burns

Photos & Video Shooting

 ​     Living under the technological era, photos and videos are the most effective gateway for presentation. Through partnering up with various experienced studio, Aeolus are capable provide different type and style of photo shoot based upon the requirement of clients. From portrait to products shooting, Aeolus is committed to capture the best moment for clients' products and help visualizing their brand for customers. 

     Aeolus also provide post-processing service. From post-editing to color adjustment, Aeolus will revise the photos into the best form, ensure client' product is display flawlessly on their website or advertisements. 

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